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Testimonials & Feedback

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Drink Driving Courses & Assessments

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Personal Breathalysers

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Get The Facts

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Need an Interlock Device or Interlock Assessment?

InterlockInterlock – everything you need to know.

It can be distressing or embarrassing if you need to have an Interlock device fitted to you car. We’re here to answer your questions so that you can know all the facts and make the process as hassle free as possible.


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Interlock FAQ

What is an Interlock device?

An Alcohol Interlock (AI) is a breath-testing device wired to the ignition system of your car, motorcycle or truck, so that it will not start unless you pass a breath test.


Why Interlocks?

In short, because people are dying needlessly on our roads every day and the Interlock device is a proven deterrent to drink driving. In fact, about 25% of all drivers and riders killed in Victoria have a BAC of 0.05 or more.


Do Interlocks apply for all drink driving offences?

No, not all drivers. Alcohol Interlock legislation now applies to most drink drivers who commit an offence on. Furthermore, it is up to the discretion of the Magistrate of the day to impose an AI condition.


If I have an Interlock, do I still need do a course and assessment?

To have the Interlock “I” condition removed from your license drink drivers must meet requirements as clinical assessments and driver education courses. Need more info? Please call our free information line on 1800 000 505.


How do I get the Interlock condition removed from my licence?

Before the "I" condition can be removed from your licence, you must obtain an Interlock Condition Removal Order (ICRO) from the Court.


What if I drive without an Interlock, or if I interfere with the device?

This is a serious offence. If you drive a vehicle without an Interlock, or interfere with the Interlock in any way, you’ll risk imprisonment for up to 4 months or vehicle immobilisation.


How long with the Interlock condition be on my licence?

The minimum period to have an Interlock device installed on your car is 6 months. To determine how long you’ll need to use the Interlock you’ll need to download the PDF Brochure for Guidelines for Relicensing Drink Drive Offenders in Victoria (Copyright 2008).


Where can I buy an Interlock device?

You can voluntarily buy an Interlock right here on our website. (DISCLAIMER: please note that our Interlock device is still pending approval under the VAIP (Victorian Alcohol Interlock Program).


To serve an Interlock period as required by law, please visit VicRoads website to view a list of approved Interlock suppliers.


For further information and recommendations as they would apply to you, please call our free information line on 1800 000 505 or see the VicRoads website.


Buy a car Interlock device and get special discounts on breathalysers and drink driving courses.

When you buy an interlock device for your car from us you’re also eligible for special offers and discounts on driver education courses, personal breathalysers, and educational materials. Browse our online shop here.


Got a question?

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